AS42708 - Peering Policy

Our peering policy is built around common sense and should not come as a surprise for anyone.

We apply some common rules and policies on new and existing peering sessions:

This policy is a guideline and we do not guarantee that a peering session will be established even if the above requirements are met. That said, please feel free to send us an e-mail if you have any questions or if you would like to establish a peering session.

Administrative info

Company name: Portlane AB
Peering E-mail: peering at portlane dot com
NOC E-mail: noc at portlane dot com
NOC Phone: +46 (0)8 412 00 710
NOC Fax: +46 (0)8 412 00 701

Peering info

ASN: 42708
Maximum prefix IPv4: 1000
Maximum prefix IPv6: 300

Public peering points

Peering point Location Bandwidth IPv4 IPv6
AMS-IXAmsterdam, Netherlands20Gbit/s80.249.209.252001:7F8:1::A504:2708:1
DE-CIXFrankfurt, Germany10Gbit/s80.81.194.2152001:7F8::A6D4:0:1
FIXOOslo, Norway1Gbit/s91.198.176.272001:7F8:41::1:42:708:1
IXORMalmö, Sweden1Gbit/s193.243.183.792001:7F8:53::4:2708:1
LINX JuniperLondon, UK10Gbit/s195.66.225.1592001:7F8:4:0::A6D4:1
Netnod A 1500Stockholm, Sweden10Gbit/s194.68.123.1942001:7F8:D:FF::194
Netnod A 4470Stockholm, Sweden10Gbit/s195.245.240.1942001:7F8:D:FC::194
Netnod B 1500Stockholm, Sweden10Gbit/s194.68.128.1942001:7F8:D:FE::194
Netnod B 4470Stockholm, Sweden10Gbit/s195.69.119.1942001:7F8:D:FB::194
Netnod COMIX 1500Malmö, Sweden10Gbit/s195.69.117.1942001:7F8:D:200::194
Netnod COMIX 4470Malmö, Sweden10Gbit/s195.69.118.1942001:7F8:D:201::194
NIX1Oslo, Norway10Gbit/s193.156.90.882001:7F8:12:1::4:2708
SOLIXStockholm, Sweden1Gbit/s193.110.13.1092001:7F8:21:9::109
STHIXStockholm, Sweden10Gbit/s192.121.80.1402001:7F8:3E::A500:4:2708:1

Private peering points

Please see our PeeringDB page. If you feel that both our networks would benefit from a private peering, please send us an e-mail for further discussion.